Acupuncture and slowing of time

Quoting from a blog by Lumiel Kim-Hammerich of
Community Acupuncture San Anselmo
, CA.

What happens when you take an hour to stop and take care of yourself at your local community acupuncture clinic? You enter a room entirely dedicated to slowing down and focusing on harmonizing body, mind and spirit. You lie there for almost an hour and suspend all activity and thoughts (this can take practice, but it does happen if you come regularly). This quiet time can be very productive.

Many people simply fall asleep through the process, as so many come in completely frazzled or exhausted from insomnia. Others who are new will lie there and watch the sensations of the needles working to clear up congestion in different areas. Often they will experience strong aching in the areas of complaint, such as painful knees or lower back. After this, there often is a point where a calm descends, and one can slip into a restful slumber or reverie. This is when a deeper healing can take place.

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