Acupuncture, the yin & yang to running

As the Royal Victoria Marathon slowly approaches,
we’d like to offer our care runnerand expertise to the folks who are out there pounding the pavement!

We’d like to encourage you to incorporate Community Acupuncture into your training schedule not just because we think everyone should take a nap, but also that acupuncture is an ideal therapy for athletes!

Here are reasons why acupuncture is great for runners OR for that matter, anyone that considers themselves an ATHLETE:

  • Holistic. Considering that you are greater than the sum of your parts. We are certain that you have many other issues that would likely affect your overall health and wellness. Sluggish digestion? Restless sleeper? Headaches? Painful menstrual cramps? Stress/anxiety?
    Yes, we can help with that too.
  • Performance anxiety. Leading up to race day jitters. Is it wreaking havoc on your sleep? Messing with your confidence? Interfering with your focus? We can help to settle those doubts and help you stay on track.
    Not to mention, better focus ensures you maintain sharp form and decrease the risk of injury.
  • Gentle. Face it, running is an intense, high impact activity. Especially for individuals who are just getting into the sport, there is an obligatory conditioning period. Acupuncture can help to trigger muscle repair, release spasms, reduce inflammation gently, rapidly and effectively without the need for manual adjustments or deep tissue massage, which may trigger further pain and spasm.
  • Post-workout recovery. It burns, it burns so goooooood….
    Hit a personal best when you got caught in the rain? Thinking after today’s run you might not be able to walk properly tomorrow? Increasing your distance? Running with an old (or new) injury? We can deal with that! Acupuncture is a gentle, non-invasive method to flush inflammation and promote muscle healing. For best results, finish off the day with a nice hot Epsom salts bath.
  • Repetitive strain. Yes, running consists of the same motions over and over, tens upon hundreds upon thousands of times. And likely you’re doing it on pavement – and the entire marathon is also, yep, you got it, its also on pavement. Acupuncture will assist with muscular and postural imbalances that may cause OR are the result of repetitive motions.
  • Immune-boosting. Running the race with a full-blown cold is everyone’s idea of fun…No, I didn’t think so. Autumn chill and damp is upon us, don’t let the cold/flu bug put a damper on your performance.
  • Post-marathon bounce back. Once your body comes down from the adrenaline rush, you’ll begin to notice the aches and deep fatigue settling in. Many people in the heat of the event will push themselves further than their average level of training. Some folks may also be on track for another race a few weeks down the road. Besides adequate rest and rebuilding, acupuncture will help rebalance your nervous system, soothe depleted muscles and tend to marathon-aquired injuries.

Let us help you make the most of your training regime. Saavy runners get the “point” of acupuncture for keeping them healthy, limber and balanced on their road to reaching the personal goals. And at $20-40/session how could you go wrong?

See you in a chair! BOOK ONLINE or give us a call, 250-590-3185 to make your appointment today!


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