Jenny McCartney, Medical Herbalist: Herbs for Love & Sex

Regardless of how you might feel about Valentines day– herbs, love and sex go well together, and so it only seems right to zero in on this synergistic triad this mid-February, and particularly the renowned herbal aphrodisiacs.

So what makes a herb an aphrodisiac? 1552_560460324005149_1482776916_n

Traditionally an aphrodisiac stimulates circulation and blood flow to the erogenous zones of the body.  They tend to be on the warm, spicy and aromatic side of things.
Personally I like to expand or (confuse) the understanding of aphrodisiacs beyond the area of invigoration, because I feel that people generally feel sexual when they quite simply ‘feel good’, and ‘feeling good’ can mean just generally feeling happy and healthy.  Considering this, often what folks really need are some calming herbs to relax the stresses of the day, to use herbs for general health and building, or to simply surround yourself with more beauty.  On the other hand, there are times when a lack of libido is a marked issue, and this is when we call in the big guns, such as the ever so aptly named “horny goat weed”, but do check with your herbalist before taking such a vigorous herb!

For a more moderate aphrodisiac, there is nothing better than the warm and spicy Damiana, which not only invigorates sexuality, but also calms and relaxes.  And what could be more beautiful than Damiana combined with a dash of Rose?  Rose’s aphrodisiac powers do not lie in the area of invigoration but in it’s ability to open the heart.  I also add thorns to the petals when I make Rose tincture, for it’s those thorns of protection that allow the spirit to feel safe in order to open up to intimacy.

For a well rounded Aphrodisiac formula, my non-customized formula “the Sensualist’s Elixir”, which you can either make on your own or purchase at Heart & Hands, combines the delicious ruby red tinctures of Schizandra, Damiana, Cardamum, Sarsaparilla, Cinnamon, Rose, and flower essences of Manzanita and Hibiscus.  Or try the following hot chocolate recipe…

Make a tea out of:

  • one part Damiana
  • one part Rose Petals
  • one part Cardamon
  • and a dash of Cayenne

Steep, strain & add:

  • 1 TBSN Cocao Powder
  • Honey to taste
  • Milk to Taste

Sexy or not, herbs are fantastic for a happy, healthy and balanced mind, body and spirit.
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