M.L. has her white hair in a short pixie cut, wearing a navy tunic.

H&H story from M.L.

I have been receiving acupuncture treatment regularly since 1991, usually once a month. This was a result of very good advice from my “forward-thinking” medical doctor, as a last-ditch attempt to resolve long-standing digestive issues that could not be diagnosed by conventional medicine. Acupuncture was fairly new to Victoria at that time, and I hadn’t even considered it. One treatment and I was hooked; my overall health improved almost immediately. Over the years, acupuncture has helped me in many ways, not only with physical ailments, but with mental and emotional challenges as well. Acupuncture is my first choice in addressing any health issues. It truly is the closest thing to magic.

I have been a client of Heart & Hands since May 2012, being first introduced to the community acupuncture model by my long-time acupuncturist when she closed her private practice.

Heart & Hands provides a safe, warm and nurturing environment, a quiet cocoon in which to replenish. The staff are efficient and welcoming; the practitioners caring, supportive, and knowledgeable. Because treatment is so affordable, I can usually attend weekly as part of my regular health maintenance.

Heart & Hands is a great place to relax, get healthy and meet new friends. I also appreciate that Heart and Hands gives back to the community, with their many food /clothing drives, information sharing and volunteer opportunities. Thank you Heart & Hands!

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