It’s coming… “Help us build H&H 2.0”, an online Crowdfunding Campaign!

H&H during a full moon

As a tiny, values-based establishment in Downtown Victoria, it is no longer sustainable for us to remain as a business due to rapidly rising operating costs. Hence, we are transitioning into a non-profit, so we can continue offering our valuable and affordable services and providing our acupuncturists with a living wage.

Since opening our doors in 2010, despite being a business, we have always operated with a people before profits approach. We exist as a vital service, affordably supporting our community’s health and well-being at sliding scale rates. In a way, we have unofficially functioned as a non-profit for almost 10 years. And now this is our opportunity to make it official!

Once a non-profit, we will be applying to the City of Victoria for a property tax exemption. This will enable us to reinvest our revenues back into what matters, our community. We will have access to alternate streams of funding through grants as well as collaborating with like-minded organization to provide their members treatment subsidies.

“Help us build H&H 2.0” is an online fundraising campaign running February 15 – March 20.

We intend to raise a total of $15 000 =
$12 000 for our 2020 property tax + $3000 for the administrative fees necessary for the non-profit transition.

Ways to support us prior to our campaign launch

  • Stay in touch, if you haven’t already, sign-up for our newsletter BELOW
  • Have we made a positive impact in your life? Contribute your story to Humans of Heart & Hands
  • Do you think our story is newsworthy? Forward our campaign onto potentially interested reporters and local news outlets! Download our press release (pdf)!

As you can imagine, takes a VILLAGE and we need voices who support and are invested in our growing organization!

We thank you in advance and remember, acupuncture can change the world <3
~the H&H acupunking team

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