It’s never just a treatment that I get at H&H, it’s education and empowerment…

Adrian on Mt Tolmie

Heart & Hands has been the only reliable constant in my healing process.

It’s the only place that, if I am struggling to keep up with life’s demands, I can show up knowing that I will walk out with improved health and increased resources. From bodily misalignment to immune system challenges to the special kind of fatigue that comes from working night shifts, Christina has rescued me time and time again.

With a tug of my leg she knows how I’ve been working. With a look at my tongue, it is evident what I’ve been putting into my body. The questions I get asked bring into focus physical, emotional, and relational health, and the needles follow by addressing all three. At first I was skeptical of what a few needles could do, but when I felt that energy being unlocked and rushing through my body for the first time, I knew that the system being accessed was connected to my well-being on a very important level.

Of course, when I don’t make the necessary adjustments to my lifestyle I experience symptoms returning, but ever since I began receiving acupuncture at H&H years ago, all of my baselines have leveled-up. When I’m not true to my healthy ideals, I often feel sheepish being witnessed in my inability to uphold a certain standard, but it’s never just a treatment that I get at H&H. It’s education and empowerment. I am given tools to maintain the heightened functioning that acupuncture unlocks. I have had the interconnectedness of my body explained to me in ways that help me to take better care of it. I have been given simple stretches and diet recommendations, and Chinese Medicine frameworks that help me understand my bodily systems better and enable me to adjust my habits in ways that feel motivated, meaningful, and effective.

Acupuncture functions as a sort of haven for me, where I can spend an hour knowing that I can escape whatever it is that has been nipping at my heels and enjoy the supreme calm of the healing space, and receive the care I need to get a jumpstart on the whatever is ailing me. I am so grateful to have access to such an incredible service from such amazing people, and it’s even affordable!

I’m off to Heart & Hands tomorrow for another treatment, and feel blessed to be able to keep up this practice through the coming years!
Thank you!!!

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