A message from the H&H acupunking team + a medical update from Christina

From right to left: Christina Chan, R.Ac., Veronica Palmer-Jones, R.Ac., Susan Shields, R.Ac., Sarah Strohan, R.Ac., Jenica Geisler, R.Ac. standing in front of H&H

A “healer” is not someone you go to for healing. A “healer” is someone that triggers in you your own ability to heal yourself.

Hello Heart & Hands Community

While Christina is taking leave from the clinic to tend to her health, the rest of the Heart & Hands team will be covering her shifts so we will be able to maintain our regular business hours and service. Sarah and Jenica will each be taking on a weekly shift, while Susan and Veronica will be taking on extra shifts in addition to their regular offerings here at the clinic.

If you haven’t met all of us yet, please feel free to learn more about us by reading our bios or the following blog posts:

Susan Shields, R.Ac.
Veronica Palmer Jones, R.Ac.
Jenica Geisler, R.Ac.
Sarah Strohan, R.Ac…coming soon…

We will be happy to meet new faces and continue your care and treatment plan. The majority of our clients see multiple practitioners for their care, which is one of the many benefits of community acupuncture. Within our clinic, we all share patient files so that you can easily access acupuncture with any of our practitioners whenever you need it. If you are seeing a practitioner you have not seen before, please book ahead so we have adequate time to review your file and familiarize ourselves with your health history and treatment plan.

For some, cultivating a new practitioner relationship may be a scary or trying undertaking, however we are here to remind you that there are many gifts waiting in the capacities of all acupunks on the team.  We understand the resistance, and in the same breath, encourage your efforts and recognize your courage. Thank you for entrusting us with your care.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly by calling our office, 250-590-3185 or sending a message through our contact form . We look forward to supporting your healing!

Susan, Veronica, Jenica and Sarah

A medical update from Christina

On November 1st, I will be undergoing open abdominal surgery to reroute my right ureter, bypassing fibrous mass in my pelvis and reconstruct a new opening into my bladder. This will help to relieve a blockage of my right kidney and restore proper urine drainage. The procedure is fairly invasive and it will entail a 6 week recovery, so reluctantly, I will be out of commission till approximately mid-December.

UPDATE, my final shift at Heart & Hands will be Friday Oct. 25th, 9am – 1pm. Sadly, I have had to drop my Saturdays due to increasing levels of pelvic pain. I will be taking the remainder of the time to make final preparations for surgery and my post-op recovery.

As an able-bodied, active, fiercely independent person, I am struggling with the progressive chronic pain and disability of living with a urinary stent. I have many mixed emotions about this major surgery and the painful, lengthy recovery feels daunting. However, during the journey of moving through a life changing medical crisis, the silver lining is that I realize I am immensely supported and loved by my community.

I am so inspired by our large and diverse client base.

I have walked alongside countless individuals who have persisted and HEALED through some raw, vulnerable experiences. I am in awe to think of the many who have birthed babies into this world, held space for so many deep losses, helped to softened pain-strickened bodies, supported those going through bereavement, life transitions and in general, enduring the human experience. Each week I keep meeting brave new humans who have survived and thrived through all of life’s adversities. What a privilege it is to bear witness to the full spectrum of the human condition and for you all to place your trust in the H&H team to support you through this process.

Flipping through the massive catalogue of clients in my mind’s eye, I am heartened and encouraged, knowing that so many of you made it through the end of the tunnel and are back to living full, productive lives. Our bodies are such amazing vessels that are simultaneously so fragile, yet incredibly resilient. You are all a profound reminder that I am not so broken and this too will pass.

And it would be an honour to entrust your care to the skilled and compassionate hands of my esteemed colleagues. They look forward to treating your aches and pains while I recover and I look forward to seeing you all back in a chair later in December :)

And again, here are some ways you can support H&H, Christina & our acupunks

  • Keep Christina your thoughts during her recovery and into the new year
    And if you are curious, learn a little more about lupus.
  • Support H&H by supporting our ‘punking team
    Our capable, talented team will be covering Christina’s hours till approximately January – an updated roster of practitioners are listed on our JaneApp booking site. Maintaining your course of treatment helps to cover our business expenses and provide a living for our hardworking acupunks. Not to mention, acupuncture works best on an accumulative basis. Receiving regular treatment also supports yourself, so keep getting poked!
    BOOK your appointment today!
  • Pay it forward
    We have a sliding scale in place. Reflecting on the the values of Heart & Hands, if your situation allows, we encourage you to please pay above the lower end of our sliding scale. Even with an additional $2-5 (if it is within your means), you can support our community as a whole. By doing this, hundreds of our monthly acu-nappers can make a huge impact, helping to relieve some of the constant financial pressure of running our tiny business in Downtown Victoria. 
  • Support H&H by sending us your loved ones
    Heart & Hands THRIVES on your word-of-mouth. If you love what we do or there is someone in your life in need of TLC, please send them to H&H, so they can also get poked!
    And there are other ways to SUPPORT us
  • Share your H&H Story
    Be part of our Stories Project: Humans of Heart & Hands!
    Be part of the living document demonstrates the profound impact community acupuncture. We encourage you to contribute to Humans of Heart & Hands.
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