Help us build a gratitude wall!

Marcella and Denny holding gratitude tiles

H&H community!

We are in the midst of some some VERY BIG PLANS and in the meantime, we’d like you all to help us build a gratitude wall. This wall will be part of an upcoming crowdfunding video for our project, “Help us build H&H 2.0″….stay tuned…

From Jan. 6th – 19th, there will be a station in the lobby supplied with markers for you to complete the following statements:

  • “Heart & Hands is…”
  • “I need community acupuncture because…”

Be sure to include your initials!
Once collected, we will be tiling your statements on our wall as a collection of gratitudes for not just H&H, but the impact that community acupuncture makes in people’s lives.

And, if you miss out on participating in this little project, we are ALWAYS looking for submissions for our stories project, Humans of Heart & Hands . So, if you’re feeling inspired to share your account of how acupuncture has brought about positive change in your life, we thank you in advance for your courage <3

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