Making my way to Montréal/Tiohti:áke & goodbye for now!

Dear Heart & Hands community,

It has been a total pleasure to spend this year practicing in the little consult room at the clinic. It is truly a gift to learn and work in a space that is created by and for community. I’ve learned so much about what it can mean to offer accessible and affordable healthcare, and how we can support one another in that offering.

The picture of what I know is possible as a practitioner has been forever changed by my time at H&H. Thank you, Christina, for your generosity and support. Thank you to the other acupunks and volunteers for co-creating a warm, welcoming, community-oriented space. Thank you to all of you who I’ve met in session, or in passing, for everything you’ve taught me about the resilience, complexity, and possibility that lives within our bodies.

In craniosacral therapy we are always orienting towards health, and the multitude of ways that health can be expressed in the body: from warmth and fluid motion to the wisdom underneath holding patterns and trauma responses. The intelligence of the body, that through pain and struggle it knows how to protect us and keep us alive, is a stunning thing to witness. Thank you.

I am leaving the west coast for Montréal/Tiohti:áke in mid-July and so wrapping up my practice here soon.
There are still some spots open for sessions before my last day on July 6.
You can book in at or by emailing me at

In deep gratitude and care,
Cat Turnbull, BCST

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