Our sliding scale and what WE NEED from you!

We operate using a $30-60 sliding scale, which is available to anyone at anytime with no income verification, no questions asked. Clients are encouraged to choose an amount that is affordable and sustainable over time so that they can continue to come as often as necessary to get and stay well.

When using our sliding scale please first and foremost keep in mind your financial means and the frequency you are receiving treatments. However, also consider that this is how your practitioners make a living and how the clinic covers the cost of operating.

The sliding scale in place so we can treat people from a wide spectrum of financial situations, which is why we want to keep the bottom end of our sliding scale as accessible as possible. If you are tight for money, pay at the low end of the sliding scale, but those of you who have extended healthcare benefits or those of you that find the higher end of the sliding scale within your means, we encourage you to pay more. Also, if your financial situation or treatment frequency changes, please adjust your payments accordingly.

To keep rates affordable and our clinic running efficiently, we ask our client-base to participate in the following:

  • Book online – our JaneApp system provides the most up-to-date appointment availability and is accessible 24/7, ensuring you book the timeslots you need as our ability to answer the phone may be limited.
  • Leave a voicemail – we are not always available by phone. If you want us to return your call, please make the effort to leave a voicemail. This reduces the amount of time spent on the phone so the acupuncturist on-shift can focus on client care.
  • Be punctual – we rely on high volume to keep our rates affordable, therefore, we rely on everyone arriving on time so that the acupuncturist on-shift can stay on track. As of Nov 1, 2021, clients arriving 5+ minutes past their appointment time will be subject to a $2 late fee.
  • Be accountable to the appointment you have booked – adhering to our cancellation policies and ensuring you keep track of the appointment(s) you have booked. When you book an appointment and not show, you are taking a timeslot away from another client in need of care.
  • Paying it forward – if it is within your means, esp individuals who have extended benefits, by paying on the higher end of the scale you are investing in clients who have less financial privilege and is the basis of mutual aid.
  • Send an email, if you have complicated or multiple questions for one of our acupuncturists. During office hours, our focus is on our clients and we are happy to respond to emails AFTER our scheduled office hours.

Otherwise, we’d also like to remind our acu-nappers that due to reducing our capacity in order to maintain our COVID-19 protocols, our schedule fills quickly. But not to worry, our online booking has a wait list, if there is currently not an appointment at a time you require. Refer to the images below if you need a little support in adding yourself to the wait list.

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